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Wedding Programs

One page program - $15.00
Two page program - $20.00
Four page program - $40.00
Eight page program - $65.00

How to order Wedding Programs
1.  Determine the text for your program. Typical components include:
Names of couple
Date and location
Order of ceremony
Wedding party members
Special traditions or rituals
Directions to the reception
Words of thanks
Monogram or picture of the couple
2.  Choose your colors from our Swatch List.
3. Email your text, color, and font choices to us at Custom Printables.
4.  You will be contacted about your order within 48 hours, and billed via PayPal before a first draft is emailed to you.

Wedding Program FAQ
How do I determine what program to order?
A: The length of your program is decided by the text that you decide to include. A one-page program has enough room for the names of the couple, date and location, order of ceremony, and wedding party members if the party is small. With two pages, words of thanks and a few special traditions may be added. A four page program can include brief descriptions of the rituals and directions to the reception, and an eight page program has room for just about anything! Four and eight page programs have enough space to utilize a full-sized cover, samples of which are also shown in the gallery.
What paper should I print on? Where should I have the program printed?
A: Because Custom Printables delivers your wedding program in PDF format, your choices for paper and printing are endless. To get started, visit your local craft store for their selections of specialty and colored paper. You can choose to print your program at home or at a local business printer. Four page and eight page programs will come formatted in booklet form so that when assembled, all pages will be in the proper order.

Do you offer Hebrew/traditional Jewish ceremonies?
A: We are thrilled to be one of the few online providers of Jewish wedding programs for all kinds of ceremonies, from traditional Orthodox to modern and Reform. Custom Printables has a variety of texts to fit four- and eight-page wedding programs, with descriptions of the rituals and ceremonies and transliterations of the various parts of the ceremony.   The full ceremony and its descriptions, including the Sheva Brachot in Hebrew, English, and English transliteration, takes up five 8.5 x 5.5 pages. Without the text of the Sheva Brachot, the descriptions are approximately three pages long. A briefer, less descriptive text of the ceremony and rituals can fit on two pages. For more information, email us