Custom Printables - Unique and personalized designs for weddings and other events
Two (2) catalog monograms - $8.00
Five (5) catalog monograms - $18.00
Custom monograms begin at $10.00 (email us for details)

Monograms are now easier than ever to order!
All of our monograms have been renamed and reorganized for your convenience, and for the first time ever, you can download a contact sheet (1 MB) of our entire catalog monogram collection!

  1. Take a look at our monogram collection, which are organized by style. Each monogram has its own unique name, and may appear in multiple styles.
  2. When you've selected your favorites, download our swatch sheet and select the colors you'd like for your monograms.
  3. If you have specific wedding colors, feel free to select an RGB or hex code instead of those on the swatch sheet. 
  4. Visit our Order Form and enter in your information. Be specific about which color you would like for each element of the monogram.
  5. Submit your payment through our easy PayPal order form, and you're done! 

Want to order custom monograms? Pick out your swatch colors and enter your requests in our order form. No request is too obscure; feel free to email with any questions or concerns. Custom monograms do not have to be paid for until we discuss your request. A PayPal invoice will be sent upon confirmation of receipt of your order.

Should I order catalog or custom monograms? 
If you like the monograms found in our catalog but want to alter only the font (typeface) or colors, you should order a catalog monogram. If you have custom design elements (e.g., a symbol, photograph, pre-made design) that you would like incorporated into your monogram, you should order a custom monogram.

We will do all we can to furnish your completed catalog design with your input within TWO (2) edit rounds (one initial draft and one final version). If your changes last more than two edits, you will be charged for a custom design. An additional PayPal bill will be sent to the email address on record before the final version is sent.

For catalog monograms, you may change color, text, and font at no additional charge. Monograms are custom-made after two drafts (a first draft and a final version), or when images, graphic, text, or shapes not original to the design are added.